i wish i could confide in people the way i let them spill their hearts to me 

but lately i feel i cant be me around anyone, for that is dangerous 

22.Sep.14 14 hours ago
22.Sep.14 14 hours ago

Be careful who you vent to.

Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via quintannabis)

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22.Sep.14 15 hours ago
21.Sep.14 1 day ago
21.Sep.14 1 day ago

Kim Kardashian West


How fucking rude of Kardashian fans to be posting and reblogging the naked pictures of Kim.
1- that is a person you look up to, some may call her their idol.
2- it’s just plain disrespectful.
3- those pictures were took on HER PHONE, maybe she just wanted to feel sexy, or maybe they were for…

eh its nothing no one cant see in playboy or her other nude shoots we have all seen it before 

21.Sep.14 1 day ago
16.Sep.14 6 days ago